about ora expeditions

Insightful therapeutic retreats that combine fun, adventurous activities and therapeutic group discussions to give you an unmatched awakening experience.

"Everyday was a meaningful experience because you guys brought different things into it that went above and beyond what we were expecting!"
Mike VanDam
St. George, Utah


Ora Expeditions was founded to provide couples an escape to a place where they can experience true connection. We do this with a unique blend of outdoor adventure and deep group discussions that invite you to open up to each other in ways you normally wouldn’t at home.

Nature has an incredible power to humble hearts and open minds. We often fill our emotional and spiritual wells by being in nature. The great outdoors have long been considered therapeutic by people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. We invite you to experience nature with us and be guided down a path of insight and adventure.

Families, couples, work groups, and individuals can all benefit from breaking away from the grind and finding peace while guided by our licensed clinical therapists. They offer a fresh perspective that helps you find what you’re looking for.

Meaning of Ora

“As a young man, still developing into the type of person I wanted to be, I made a choice to live abroad for 2 years. Fate led me to New Zealand, Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. In the 2 years I lived there I learned self worth and confidence. And in learning to be comfortable with who I was I learned intrinsically to love and care more for other people. I both lost and found myself in the people, the culture, and the unparalleled beauty waiting beyond every turn. In short, my time in New Zealand changed my life forever.

“The local people to New Zealand are the Māori, and the Māori word for life is Ora. So to us, Ora Expeditions is about finding and living a life awakened!”

– Aaron D. Cothran, LCSW

Our Founders

Ora Expeditions was founded by close friends passionate about wellness, family relationships, and mental health. Aaron and Eliza Cothran have been helping others with much needed therapy for 20 years, serving some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Aaron is a licensed therapist who specializes in helping families heal from deep trauma. Kelvin and Tifanie Findlay were foster parents, now adoptive parents, bringing traumatized children into their home. The group’s shared love of strong families, sports, and travel led to the creation of an adventure-based couples retreat.

Aaron D. Cothran, LCSW

Aaron has spent the last 20 years working as a clinical therapist and loves strengthening marital and family relationships. He founded a residential Treatment Center for youth which has been operating for 8 years. Through that experience, he became passionate about healthy couples that lead to healthy families and happy children. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys all sports and spending time with wife of 20 years, Eliza, and his 5 amazing kids.

Eliza Cothran

Eliza has been in the human health field for 20 years, managing the operations of residential and outpatient therapeutic clinics. She is committed to helping others find true healing and joy in life’s journey by creating opportunities for others to reach their full potential. She has been married to her husband, Aaron, for 20 years and has 5 children. A long-time soccer player and coach, you’ll find her on the field with her kids.

Kelvin findlay

Kelvin and his wife, Tifanie, became foster parents with two young children of their own. Bringing traumatized children into their home was an eye-opening experience and put mental health at the center of their lives. A marketing professional by trade, Kelvin quickly became passionate about promoting awareness of mental health and the benefits of wellness practices. He loves spending time with his wife of 13 years and his 7 children. His self care is fly fishing on remote mountain rivers with his friends.


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